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A massage makes autumn more energetic

By 2018-09-02September 3rd, 2018News

Everything begins restrained in autumn, and human’s body adapts to nature to slow down. Emotions unconsciously depressed. At this moment, in addition to strengthening health through exercise and diet, it also can be healthier through massage and aroma.

Oriental Relax Body Massage+ Legs and Foot Relaxation

Massage Time 90 minutes
Special Price $3,59/Original Price $4,400
  1. 5 minutes exclusive aroma + relaxation deep breathing and stretching
  2. 30-minute back massage
  3. 35-minutes legs and foot massage
  4. 20-minutes chest, abdomen and hands massage
  5. 5-minutes head massage

Effect: Release pressure, feel relaxed and comfortable, improves the lower body circulation.
Suitable for: sedentary, long standing, poor circulation in the lower body.

Moisturizing Intensive and Inspiring Facial+ Head, Shoulder and Neck Relaxation

Skill Application Time:85 minutes
Special Price $3,200/Original Price $4,000
  1. 5 minutes exclusive fragrance + relaxation deep breathing and stretching
  2. 30 minutes Qi Facial Care+ Intensive Inspiring massage
  3. Minutes Icy marble stone
  4. minutes Qi moisturized mask
  5. 20 minutes head, neck and shoulder massage

Effect: Improves complexion, dark circles, soothes shoulder and neck stiffness and fatigue, and feels light and relaxed.
Suitable for: dry skin, no luster, eye fatigue, heavy use of computers.