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A rechargeable travel in summer

By 2020-05-28News

Enjoy your own space for a short time in busy schedule. Resolve your confusion, release your pressure and review your life. A rechargeable travel is without crowd and high spending, only enjoy a tranquil moment of body, mind and soul.


Duration: 2020/6/1-2020/8/31

For: First time guests and room guests.

Rechargeable travel in the cloud-Shangri-La Far Eastern Plaza, Hotel Taipei

Swelling Termination Set   special offer NT$5,490    massage time 95 minutes.

Traveler’s Favorite + Extraction Legs and Foot Relaxation  Retail price NT$6,700

Startup circulation of chi, full release stress and ease swollen and fatigue legs, bring body to an unprecedented relaxing state.

Moisturizing and Firm Set  Special price NT$5,490   Time of skill application 85 minutes

Shaping-Up Facial+ Head, Extraction Head, shoulder and Neck Relaxation   Retail price NT$6,700

Doubles the effects of discharging the water and old wastes, improve swelling and sagging problems. Effectively releases head swelling, neck and shoulder stiffness.

Rechargeable travel in the cloud-Fleur De Chine Hotel in Sun Moon Lake

Warm and Relaxation Set  Special offer NT$6,970  Massage time 115 minutes

Traveler’s Favorite+ Hot Stone Back massage  Retail price NT$8,200

Startup circulation of chi, fully releases muscle stress and fatigue.

Texture Skin and Relaxation Set  Special offer NT$5,850   Massage time 90 minutes

Body Scrub+ Back Relaxation   Retail price NT$6,500

Full body scrub combines a 35 minutes back massage, a wonderful choice of earning good texture skin and relaxation.

Whitening and Relaxation Set  Special offer NT$5,310   Time of technique application 85 minutes

Whitening Firming-Up Facial+ Head, Neck and Shoulder Relaxation Set Retail price NT$ 5,900

85 minutes whitening and firming facial care plus a 20 minutes head,neck and shoulder massage while mask. Recommend to travelers who are in hurry but wish a beauty and relaxation massage.