The Estherapy of Qi

Ancient Asian medicine once stated the circulation of “Chi” is the instantiation of universal energy that flows through the body and mind. The fundamental “Qi Beauty” is based on “Chi” to create a full sensation of the total balanced body, mind and soul. A proper flow of “Qi” generates a good balance between the mind and body that strengthens self-healing abilities and maintains good health.

The Secrets of Qi Beauty

In Japan, Qi Shiseido Salon and Spa originally catered to serve the Royal family, social elites and celebrities. The Spa inherited the essence of beauty service from Shiseido Japan with a hundred years of valuable beauty experience.
Qi Shiseido Salon and Spa has established with twenty years of history in Japan. Our focus is to deeply recuperate the inner Chi and its natural ways of beauty methods are widely recognized by female celebrities, thus becoming the most worshiped top spa brand in Japan.

Respect and Attend to Every Detail

Qi Shiseido Salon and Spa is best for exquisite treatments with respect and attentiveness. Qi Shiseido Salon and Spa cares for every customer to feel comfortable and relax in Qi ambience. The welcoming experience at the Qi spa entrance is created with pleasant aroma scent and serene space taking you closer to the nature, bringing forward a delightful spa journey. The aroma therapists first lead you to rest in the guest area filled with Zen. They welcome you with floral tea and help you to change into comfortable slipper. Once feeling calm and relax, you will be ready to experience Qi treatments.

Qi One by One Exclusvie Aroma Therapist

Qi Shiseido Salon and Spa personalizes treatment to suit your needs based on professional consultation in understanding your skin type, life styles and eating habits. From sharing and communicating every detailed spa procedure and exclusively meridian massage technique, you will be pampered by attentive services. Qi Aroma therapist will be your best listening partner and beauty mentor!

The Techniques of Qi

Massage techniques of Qi Classic treatments start with the back and move along with Chi meridians in the body to effectively release stress and re-activate flow of Chi.
Massage focuses on recuperation of Chi to break the blockage and enables flow to generate self-healing power, giving the body, mind and soul endless energy. At Qi Shiseido Salon and Spa, you will resume to full balance in body, mind and soul, capturing eternal beauty!

Qi Top-notch Product Series

Shiseido Beauty Science Institute exclusively developed series of beauty products focusing on different skin types by adding plant extracted essence and natural refreshing scent. Skin feels relaxed while absorbing essence under natural ambience. Not only it improves skin regeneration, it also brings back the young and healthy skin tone. The skin resumes to its original brightness displaying true beauty.