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Startup circulation of chi, terminate dry skin and improve swollen

By 2020-05-29News

Staying in air-conditioned room for a long time makes your skin drier? Long sit and long stand makes your body swollen?

Through massage to startup the circulation of chi, terminate the dry skin and improve swollen.

Activity duration: 2020/6/1-2020/8/31

For: First time guests

Applicable lotion: Sogo Department Store Fuxing branch

Hsinchu Sheraton Hotel  / Shangri-La Far Eastern Hotel Plaza, Tainan.

Special Offer

Swollen Termination Set

Special offer NT$4,080

massage time 95 minutes

Traveler’s Favorite+ Legs and Feet Relaxation     Retail Price 5,100


80 minutes body massage plus a 15 minutes legs and feet massage,

Startup circulation of chi, effectively release stress and ease swollen and fatigue legs, bring body to an unprecedented relaxing state.

Moisturizing and Firm Set

Special price NT$4,080

time of technique application 105 minutes

Shaping-Up Facial+ Head, Neck and Shoulder Relaxation     Retail price NT$5,100


Doubles the effects of discharging the water and old wastes, improve swollen and sagging problems. Effectively releases head swollen, neck and shoulder stiffness.

When make reservation on website, please choose first course of each set for booking time purpose.